Admission International Students

Fee Structure

As a small private institution, we want to offer our students the best of education & services. Thus, we charge the following fees:
€ 9500
€ 10650
€ 20150
€ 8700
Scholarships are available upon request. Full application required!
Application process

Step 1

Send the ITM College application form form together with the following documents by e-mail to
Ensure the application form and all attachments are complete. All transcripts need to be certified and translated to English or German to ensure the documents have the necessary validations required for international studies.

Step 2

The ITM admission team will evaluate your application within 2–3 working days. Please make sure that the application documents provided are clear and correct. In order to fulfil our secondary school requirement, you must be eligible to enter a university in your home country.

Step 3

After the successful evaluation you will be invited to a Skype or personal interview at our campus. The interview is not only a measurement of your English competencies (required level: B2), but also a way to get to know each other and clear open questions.
Within a few days, the ITM admission team will inform you about your application status. If successful you will receive a Letter of Invitation containing details of the fee structure, the payment requirements and the further process.

Step 4

Once you have transferred the costs of the first study year ITM will provide you with the following documents:

Step 5

As a next step you will have to apply for a health insurance covering all risks (visa requirement). The ITM office will assist you by providing the application form and handling the process for you. You will receive a confirmation within 1–2 weeks, the payment can be done upon arrival. Until the age of 27 the fee per month is 59.41€.

Final Step

Application of the visa “Antrag auf Erteilung einer Aufenthaltsbewilligung für SCHÜLER”. The application form is available from ITM College website and from the Austrian Embassy/Consulate. Please note that the embassy only deals with filled in applications that include all documents required (original authenticated documents plus certified translation in German language). The following documents have to be handed in at the Austrian Embassy in your home country. The Embassy will assist you in filling in the visa application form and the required documents are:
Please be aware that the processing of your visa application may require two until six months. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to apply for the visa as soon as you have received your study confirmations. After having completed all steps, we are happy to welcome you as a student in October! For any further please do not hesitate to contact us!

Visa Regulations

Applicants aged under 24 years need to proof that they can afford EUR 533.85 per month to cover the cost of living. Students of 24 and older need to proof that they can afford EUR 966.65 per month. The visa will be issued for a duration of 1 year so the total amount of EUR 6,406.2 (533.85×12) – under 24 years – has to be shown to the authorities (scholarship, bank deposit, proof of regular payments made to your bank account). In case the visa application is turned down, ITM College will return the full amount of the first study year and the accommodation deducted by an EUR 500.00 handling fee. All bank charges are covered by the applicant.
For Visa Information please visit the following website: