Which programmes are available?

  • 2-year Higher Diploma programme “Hotel and Tourism Management”
  • Bachelor Top Up years at our partner universities

Can I directly join the Bachelor Top-Up year?

Yes, the ITM College diploma or another Austrian tourism college diploma is the entry requirement for a direct entry. If you have a Diploma of another country an individual review is possible.


What are my career opportunities?

Your possibilities are manifold: many of our alumni work all over the world, in different sectors of the Hospitality business, including many Management positions. Others proceeded with an academic career.


Can I transfer courses or modules from my previous education?

This depends on your previous education and if the courses are equivalent to ours. An individual evaluation is necessary.


How to apply?

In order to apply you must fill in the application form, attach all the required documents and send it to us via email:

Which documents are required?

  • Filled out ITM application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Passport copy
  • Passport picture

What previous education do I need?

Completed secondary school allowing you to study at a university in your home country.

How should I submit my application?

Via email to

Do I need to provide an English language certificate?

English certificates are appreciated but not necessary, the evaluation will be part of the application interview. The English level of B2 is required.

How can I prepare for the application interview?

The interview will be about getting to know you as a prospective student and to recognise your English level. There is no need to practise for it.


Are there any age restrictions?

Only the minimum age of 18 years.


Are there any tuition fees?

Yes, tuition fees are stated in the Admission section.

What does private stand for?

You can expect small classes and an individual service during your whole time at ITM.

Do I need to pay in full or in installments?

European students can request an individual payment plan with installments. International students must pay the full study year in advance due to visa regulations.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, we consider scholarships after a full application for one of our programmes.

How and when do I transfer the fees?

The details for a bank transfer are stated on our invoice. A payment in cash is possible.


Are there any additional fees?

All fees for the registration, semester and materials are included. Additional might occur if required: accommodation, board packages, insurance.


How can I apply for student accommodation?

Please let us know if you need accommodation during the ITM application process. We will provide you a separate application form.

What room types are available?

  • Single rooms 26m² each with an own bathroom and private balcony.
  • Double rooms 26m² – 2 separate beds – each with an own bathroom and private balcony.

Are there any board packages?

Yes, you can choose between the following options: 

  • Breakfast only
  • Lunch or Dinner only
  • Half Board: Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner
  • Full Board: Breakfast + Lunch and Dinner


What are the fees?

  • Double room: €390/person/month
  • Single room: €580/person/month
  • Board packages: upon request

Student Life

What can I do beside my studies?

Many leisure activities are available, from sports to cultural experiences or just exploring (the cities in) Austria.

Where is Bad Vöslau?

Bad Vöslau is a Spa area located 30 minutes South of Vienna and offers a quiet and safe study environment for ITM students. With an own train station, two highway exits and the Vienna International Airport 30 minutes away, Bad Vöslau has a perfect public connection.

Can my friends and family visit?

Yes, they can visit you anytime and enjoy reduced accommodation fees in the College Garden Hotel.

Is there a public connection available?

  • Train station (walking distance)
  • Bus stops (walking distance)
  • Vienna International Airport (car or train)


How is the weather in Austria?

Continental and moderate climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Warm summer, snowy winter and colourful seasons in between.


Do I have to complete the Internship?

Yes, a 13-week internship is obligatory to enter the second study year of the Diploma programme.

What is the placement for?

To gather experience in the Hospitality sector and as a preparation for your career.

Can I expect a payment?

In Austria, the employer must pay you a specific salary, in other countries it is usually less.


How long does it take?

13-weeks are required in order to complete your internship placement.


Do I need a visa to study in Austria?

All students with a non-European nationality must apply for a visa (residence permit).

What kind of Visa do I need?

Residence permit for students.

Is there any guidance of the college?

The ITM office will provide full guidance through the process for confirmed students.

Which documents do I need to provide?

Section “Documents required”:

What if my visa gets rejected?

In case your visa gets rejected, ITM will refund the tuition fee. The registration fee covers administration and is non-refundable.

How much time do I need for the visa process?

The duration varies, depending on your preparation of the documents. Usually between 2–3 but up to 6 months.

Are there any additional visa fees?

Visa fees are approx. 150€, excluding travel costs.